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The hugely attractive feature of teaching students online, many independent teachers will tell you, is that the lack of geographical barriers means the total pool of students you draw from is essentially infinitely broad and deep.  An American sitting at home in the Midwest can reach people in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and other remote parts of the world which nevertheless are populated with people interested in the offerings of the teacher.

The convenience and flexibility of the internet means that intimate guitar lessons are done online through a video conferencing service such as Skype.  No traveling costs.  No traveling time.  Just fire up the software and wait for the student to dial in before you teach them about chords and strumming.  Recently Skype made its group calling free to compete with the likes of other free group chat services such as Google Hangouts.  Instead of teaching a single student at a time, now its possible to teach with no additional cost a group of people who are located in different parts of the world.

Students will have varying demands.  Some are casual learners but others are regular and even fanatical and require daily lessons.  The power of video conferencing means that these needs are accommodated much more easily.  In addition, the teacher has the ability to easily charge more if students demand unusual hours or extra lessons. Interested students should check out the best online guitar lessons.

If you’re still not sure then try to start off by teaching in person but when everything becomes comfortable change your business strategy and ask your clients to join you online.  Not everything will be the same as the online medium differs from in-person interaction but more than makes up for it by being so convenient.  To market yourself, consider sprinkling a few free lesson videos at Youtube to gain some traction, followers, and a pool of potential students.

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