3 B2B Sales Challenges and the Ways to Fix Them


Delighting your prospects is never a cinch whether you are into B2B or B2c sales. Things work quite differently when your target customers are businesses. B2B sale is a process of selling products and services to businesses instead of individuals. The businesses use your product to keep running their operations.

This kind of sales results from networking and relationship rather than advertising, a standard method used in B2C sales. As a sales representative, you know that you need to build a strong relationship with your clients even before acquiring new customers. It is, therefore, crucial to provide a positive experience. 

You cannot build strong networks and relationships with your business clients unless you provide them with a positive experience. It is the positive experience that ensures your clients will be able to stick to your business. 

The most prominent factor that determines the success of a business is the experience that your clients get. As B2B sales are executed with networking, your clients will likely be referred to other businesses, provided they get the best experience. However, it is not that easy. There are a couple of challenges as opposed to B2C that you must address with the following tips:

Not being pushy

You are recommended to be pushy when your clients are individuals, but this is not on when companies are your clients. Of course, you have to hit your targets at the end of the month, but you cannot achieve them by being pushy. 

Instead, you need to be persistent. Pushiness is a frequent problem that most of the clients face when sales representatives pitch them a product or service. You suddenly lose the focus on their demands but keep iterating your sales pitch. 

When you start forcing your clients down the buyer’s funnel when they are not ready, things go awry. You should be persistent with your effort but let them decide what they want. They should not feel like you value them only until you achieve your sales target. 

How to fix

Once you have been briefed about your product to your client, the ball is in their court. Give them some space to decide about your product. Instead of just focusing on your monthly sales target, you should emphasise engagement. 

Your top priority is to provide your prospects with the right information. However, it does not indicate that you will keep waiting for their response. After a sufficient timeframe, you can ask them about their decision. Solve their queries if they have any or if they decide to back out. Just try to know the reason and move ahead. 

Creating a personal experience

Relationship matters a lot in making B2B sales successful. Unless you create a positive sales experience, no business would be interested in buying your products. Getting prospects to admire you is the best experience. 

However, it does not point out that you should behave amusingly with them. There are some signs that indicate you are able to create engagement with your clients. 

For instance, they:

  • Remember their names even if you call them after a couple of days.
  • Ask insightful questions that clearly tell that they are actively listening to you.
  • Have positive body language.
  • Do not hesitate to ask when they have a doubt and the like.

These traits clearly indicate a good and engaging relationship with your customers. However, it is quite challenging to meet this challenge. 

How to fix

In order to create a personalised experience, you should use advanced tools for marketing and sales. For instance, you can use a tool to send personalised videos about how your product works and the video on most frequently asked questions to resolve their concerns. 

This is a great way to provide your clients with a personalised experience. Of course, you will need some money to invest in these tools. You can choose business loans in Ireland when you do not have sufficient cash.

Match the prospect’s position in their buying journey

Another challenge you will likely face in the B2B sales process is matching the prospect’s position in the buying journey. Understand where your prospect stands in the buying journey, as it will help you make an impeccable strategy to push further on the funnel without being pushy. 

Remember that neither pushiness nor idleness works in B2B sales. If you try to be extremely pushy, your prospect will stumble and fall, and if you are not persistent in maintaining the lead, the prospect will leave you and go to your competitors. 

You will have to maintain the balance between giving the correct information, giving them sufficient time to digest it, and showing up at the right time for further follow-up. 

How to fix it

You will have to align your sales and marketing strategy to reduce the friction in the buying journey of the prospect. Use tools to keep track of the interaction your customers have with your team. 

This helps identify the actions taken by them, and then you will be able to provide them with a more personalised experience. You and your competitors may have been selling the same thing, but your success will depend on how you sell it. Try to make it super-efficient. 

The bottom line

It can be not very easy to provide your clients with positive sales experience in the B2B sales process, but there are specific ways to fix those challenges. 

However, you cannot forget the basics. You must know where your prospect is in their buying journey and the difference between a good prospect and a bad prospect, so you do not waste time on idle leads, deal with them the way they are comfortable, and have a written plan for the sales, listen to your prospects, and ask relevant questions to identify their needs or what they want. 

It may take some time, but with practice, you can create the best sales experience for your clients every now and then. Use tools to know the behaviour of your clients and then frame a personalised strategy. 


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