3 Reasons Its Time For You To Try These Best Hairstyles


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After checking through countless magazines and website and consulting with an expert who knows about the best hairstyle ideas, we’ve compiled the three biggest reasons why girls need to try out a new hair style.

Reason 1: Your hair is very flat and has little volume. 

This can happen if your hair is very fine, very straight, with thin strands.  The wrong haircut will make your head look limp.  The answer is not to increase the blow-drying, the hair products, the special shampoos.  Instead, get a trim to increase its volume.  Stay away from layering and instead go for a single length cut that maximizes hair volume for people with thin hair.  Moreover, if thin hair is allowed to grow very long, it becomes heavy and the strands are pulled taut resulting in it lying even flatter.

Reason 2: People keep telling you that you look exactly the same as 10 years ago.

This is good… sometimes, but also indicates a problem!  First increase your awareness of current hairstyles but looking through magazines and websites.  Find the ones you like, keep a file or scrapbook of these looks.  When you go to the salon, take your selections with you and ask the stylist to talk over which ones will go well.  Finally, after your styling session, take a photo of yourself to keep a record of which cuts look good for you for the future.

Reason 3: Instead of watching what people are saying, note what they’re *NOT* saying. 

If no one is telling you that your hair looks nice – consider this a warning sign.  Rather than just get a cut, consider two other possibilities.  First, add some waves or curls to your hair with a hot roller.  Second, add highlights or lowlights to change the colors.  Either go for subtle shifts of hue from your current hair color, or try making your hair stand out from your skin tone.

(Photo Credit: This Is Awkward / Creative Commons)

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