8 wake Review: Superb Sunglasses That Exploit The Laws Of Physics


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Superb Sunglasses That Exploit The Laws Of Physics

Ever wonder why some sunglasses completely block light while others kind of … suck?  The secret to the super effect sunglasses is a phenomenon called a polarized filter.  Understanding the filter requires understanding that light is a type of wave of electric and magnetic fields.  Like all waves, the cresting and troughing motion has a direction: for example on the surface of the ocean, the cresting and toughing is up and down, perpendicular to the surface of the ocean.  This direction is called the polarization.  Now imagine a wave traveling in some direction in 3D.  It has a direction of motion, but also a polarization direction that can point perpendicular to the motion in 360 degrees.  The 360 degrees can be split into a perpendicular and a vertical component.  Polarized sunglasses contain TWO filtering mechanisms, one filters the perpendicular, and one filters the vertical, thereby filtering out almost ALL light. The filter is imperfect depending on the frequency.  Some light leaks through.  Fortunately we need the light to leak through to be able to see at all.

We stumbled onto 8wake, a new online store that provides super stylish sunglasses, all of which exploit the polarization filter effect making for super effective light blocking.  The store is based in the U.S. in Philadelphia but shoppers browse products on their website which features a clean, minimalist ecommerce design.  Customers can go through the collections methodically and in detail as each product is accompanied by a super high resolution images (only appearing on demand thereby making for a smooth and fast browsing experience) that show all the lines, surface details and fine construction of the sunglasses.

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Super cool, unique lightweight bamboo frames on the Ria

Right now they have two major collections, the Peke and the Ria Islands.  Each collection come in a number of styles, and each style has a number of characteristic colors making for a diverse, varied collection that will fit almost any customer.  Customers rave about the light weight, the comfort, and the polarized lenses.  The Peke collection features the key-hole bridge design which has the magical powers of letting the classes cling comfortably to your face without annoyingly sliding down your nose.  The new Ria Islands collection stand out exceptionally – under the beauty are a few interesting technical facts: each frame is dual-material, with unique bamboo arms and a matte frame made of high quality acetate.

Every now and then they have been known to have a sale so we definitely recommend first that customers sign up for outreach by logging into Facebook and liking the fan page at 8wake.com Facebook account.  The fan page has cool pics and reviews from other customers that is always super valuable to read.  Then to head over to the site at 8wake.com.

Verdict?  Highly recommended, will buy!

(Photo Credit: Ho John Lee / Creative Commons)

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