Art In New York: Profile of A Contemporary Artist


The art scene in New York is famous world over.  Among its cultural institutions stand the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Queens Museum, and the Guggenheim.  But to think that all art is represented in the encyclopedia museums is wrong for New York also is home to hundreds of small, independent NYC art galleries.  And among these NYC artists is the singular Marko Stout, a contemporary multimedia artist who has seen his work featured all over the world and covered by the press.

Stout’s history began in South Africa though he quickly moved to the United States as a child where he was raised on the shores of New Jersey.  Later on, he completed a course of study in evolutionary biology at Princeton and matriculated into Columbia Medical School where he got his medical degree specializing in internal medicine.  Dissatisfied with the life of being a resident and career medical doctor, Stout found inspiration in NYC art while spending his time on a houseboat in the harbor of San Francisco.  After this his future was set in New York where he embarked on the course to being a luminary figure in the downtown art scene of New York.

Stout is said to have been influenced by local street artists and of course the artwork found in the hundreds of galleries of the city.  But his work goes much further, delving into modern multimedia, video and online imagery.  One of his latest works is a short film that debuted in Art Basal, Miami in 2013, one of the world’s best international art shows for Modern works.  The film, titled “Thinner Then Ice”, shows dreamy scenes from a subdued waitress and art student who walks through Greenwich Village.  Even the title of the film was purposefully tweaked to evoke and stimulate discussion.

Connoisseurs in NY art may find more work of Marko Stout at this website:

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