Bryan Cranston From Breaking Bad In New Role For Movie “Holland, Michigan”


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Unless you have been living under a rock you know all about Breaking Bad and its super star Bryan Cranston.  In a new movie, it turns out he will play a mild mannered guy living a regular suburban life — or so his wife believes. When she comes to imagine that he is having an affair, she finally finds out he’s a concealed identity in a shadowy criminal universe.

Even though it isn’t a “Breaking Bad” spinoff, “Holland, Michigan” will be appealing to lovers of Walter White and the AMC show.

“Wish me well” Morris wrote in response to AMA questions asked on Reddit on whether documentaries were his primary focus.

The Wrap also tells us that Naomi Watts and Edgar Ramirez will star in “Holland, Michigan.” The script, written by Andrew Sodroski, got a nod as the very best unproduced screenplay a year ago, in accordance with The Hollywood Reporter.
Morris described the picture as a “Hitchcock-like picture” to the local Boston newspaper the Boston Globe. The setting is at a tulip festival — a real thing that occurs every year in the tiny Dutch town in Michigan.

Here’s a spoiler: Watt’s character finds her husband is truly a serial killer.  Now why would they give away a plot element like this?  Because if there is anyone we should observe viciously homicide individuals on screen, it is got to be Cranston.

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