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Bunnie Xo

Here we are presenting a biography & story of Bunnie Xo, also known as Bunnie DeFord, who is a well-known musical artist, model, & social media celebrity based in the United States. Despite this, she is probably most known for being the spouse of the American rapper Jelly Roll.

Let’s read this article together so that we may learn everything there is to know about Bunnie Xo and her connection to Jelly Roll.

Who is Bunnie Xo?

The well-known American actress & model Bunnie Xo’s given name is Bunnie DeFord, and she is from the United States. As the partner of the well-known American rapper Jelly Roll, she has gained a significant amount of notoriety in recent years.

Over the course of several years, bunnie xo has developed her method through working in the entertainment sector. bunnie xo Instagram says, she is the owner of Dumb Blonde Productions, in addition to being a model, an Instagram sensation, as well as a host of a podcast.

Recently, bunnie xo’s father Bill appeared on a podcast and discussed his experiences as a single mother while raising his daughter. He has discussed nearly all of the details pertaining to her youth and the other experiences she has been through.

A native of Nashville, Tennessee, bunnie xo has contributed her talents to bunnie xo music videos as well as the band’s live performances.

When the two of them first met, Jelly Roll was trying to earn a living by traveling & living out from his van. He is grateful that his future wife, Bunnie XO, was willing to make these arrangements for him.

Bunnie Xo Personal Life

In 2016, after a lengthy courtship and several years spent together as a couple, Bunnie Xo weds Jelly Roll. They have been engaged for more than 5 years and have maintained a solid connection while still living together.

Both Bunny and Jelly’s offspring are female. Baille is the name of the couple’s daughter, while Noah DeFord is the name of their son. Together with their children, the married couple calls the state of Tennessee their home.

Their children, Baille and Noah DeFord, look forward to spending time with her mom and enjoy doing so. They used to play to her and their father, acting out all kinds of adorable and dramatic scenarios with each other.

They have an exploratory spirit and appear to like going to new locations. In addition to this, they make an effort to keep their personal life out of the public eye.

Bunnie Xo Physical Appearance

The health of their favorite megastars is something that fans are always quite interested in hearing about. Fans will follow a celebrity’s lead in terms of the makeup they use, their hairstyles, the clothes they wear, and even their age, height, & eye color.

The youthful and beautiful bunnie xo is smoking hot. She is a role model for the younger generation and a trailblazer. Bunnie xo height is approximately 5 feet 9 inches and weighs close to 62 kilograms. Her build is not particularly robust.

Her skin gleams with health and radiance. She has dark brown eyes and her hair is a light blonde tone. She has beautiful, large eyes that give off a really intriguing appearance, as well as long, silky hair.

Early Life of Bunnie xo

The 21st of January 1995 found bunnie xo being born in Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States of America. As of the year 2022, Bunny XO will have reached the age of 27. There is currently no information available on Bunnie Xo’s family, including her parents, siblings, or educational background.

On the other hand, we found out that Bunnie Xo’s mother was a stripper and also that her mother abandoned her when she was only three months old. Her father was a musician. Because of this, she spent her childhood with her father.

There is no information that can be found regarding the name of the educational establishment that she visited or her greatest qualifications.

On the other hand, both her manner of speech and the way she does business give the impression that she is well educated.

Bunnie Xo Career

Through years of toil and perseverance, Bunnie Xo, also known as Bunnie DeFord, has been carving out a successful career for herself in the entertainment industry. Now, in addition to being a model, she also hosts a podcast and runs her own production company called Dumb Blonde Productions.

The Dumb Blonde Podcast is a highly regarded program that brings topics from all walks of life to the forefront. Not only is it available to watch on every streaming platform, you can also watch it on YouTube in the form of a graphical show.

Bunnie is the only person who has ever hosted the show, and she is also the heir to the show’s legacy. On the show, Bunnie digs deep into her guests’ histories, sheds light on contemporary issues, and even makes her visitors participate in ridiculous games.

Bunnie xo Net Worth 2022

It is estimated that Bunnie Xo has a total value of two million dollars USD. As a result of numerous collaborations that she has established over the past few years, it is anticipated that her income will increase in the coming years.

In March of 2021, Bunny and Jelly purchased their very first lovely home together. Jelly Roll’s social media status indicates that the two of them have mapped out five-year, ten-year, or even fifteen-year plans together, which includes buying a property and other related goals.

Also, just now, bunnie xo uploaded a video showing a red Mercedes Wagon that she had modified and put together. Bunny & Jelly always have a good time together, as evidenced by the fact that they joke about it quite frequently on their social media sites.

Bunnie xo Social Media Presence

According to bunnie xo Wikipedia, These days, platforms for social media can be a highly strong instrument that can help famous people connect with their audience. Followers, of course, are also given the opportunity to stay up to date.

There is no mistaking the significance of all this, and she maintains a very active presence on Instagram in addition to other social media sites. On a variety of social media channels, she has a sizable number of devoted followers.

In the course of her work, she has also amassed a sizable following across a variety of platforms.

YouTube – More above 110k subscribers

Instagram – More above 748k followers

Facebook – More above 535k followers

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