First Free 3D Printers In Chicago Library


Despite many years of hype 3D printing has not quite taken off yet but the new facility in Chicago could change that.

Chicago’s first “manufacturer laboratory” (available to the public and free) is already underway with 3D printing following its Monday launching in the Harold Washington Library.  Harold Washington is a highly rated, central public library of the city.  The invention laboratory contains 3D printers, laser cutters as well as a milling machine. Using the printer, for instance, manufacturers can print off little things in their own layout or use pre-filled templates (but nothing “offensive”). While it is free to utilize the space, everyone should pay for their own raw materials.
The space is open for only every day, but teachers, educators as well as company owners have apparently been “emailing nonstop” inquiring the library ways to get involved using the space.

“To me that is similar to the manner we seen in personal computers,” Christensen said. “If you recall, at first it was a hobbyist thing, which (3D printing) undoubtedly is right now. But it needs to begin someplace.”

Around the web, many technology and company websites note that Chicago’s manufacturer-space in the Harold Washington is exceptional.

The tech site Gigaon is quoted as saying, “Most manufacturer spaces carry a membership fee of $50-200 a month or are positioned within an association just like an university, where it is necessary for you to be a pupil or staff member to accessibility gear”.

“Libraries should, and have in many cases, expand the exact same treatment to new technology. Few will be as crazy as the net, but resources like Chicago’s manufacturer laboratory will bring in individuals who might have never had the opportunity to construct something otherwise. Tons of individuals construct merchandises and models or even run their companies from TechShop, where they also satisfy other manufacturers filled with new thoughts. It would be wonderful if libraries offered similar opportunities.”

(Photo credit: 3dilla)

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