Funny: Google Maps Shows Where To Buy Drugs In Brooklyn


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Google Maps humorously was showing online that a  block in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y., was the borough’s “drug section” according to the Village Voice on Thursday.

Someone in an online forum found the error and posted it, inquiring others how it could have occurred. Individuals theorized the “drug section” was most probably the development of somebody toying with Google’s MapMaker.

Although many sources claim that the first map had “drug section” written along part of West 8th Street, has since been removed, PfA has found that the map error remains.

When inquired how he or even she came across the obvious error, the original finder of the error  wrote, “I was getting directions to a Guatemalan eatery on Ave O and it said ‘turn left in the drug section.’”

Others were suspicious as to whether this was really the nexus of substance trades in Brooklyn, saying it is truly pretty “quiet.”   One person proposed that  the mark was set there by “a real drug dealer who had been trying to boost company.”

Apparently the area was lately cited as among the three South Brooklyn neighborhoods with a heroin issue.

A Google representative reported, “Thanks for bringing this to our focus, when asked concerning the error. We are alerted to the problem and therefore are working to repair it.”

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