The Hidden Dangers Of Mold


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If you’re like most people, then you do whatever you can protect your home and family from danger. You’ll purchase insurance, install anti-theft systems, and makes sure there is medicine and first-aid supplies on hand. All of this is important but it only protects against dangers you can see. Mold is one of the most insidious problems because it can be nearly invisible yet can cause major health problems.

Evidence of a mold problem

Mold will often grow in unseen places. You’ll often find it in basements, under floors, or inside walls. It’s so good at hiding, in fact, that most people’s first indication of a mold problem comes from a decrease in their health.

The presence of mold in your home can cause a number of different symptoms. These are often a bit like allergies or a common cold and many people mistake their reaction to hidden mold for basic allergies. One of the most recognizable symptoms is a constantly runny nose or watery eyes. Some people also experience trouble breathing and this can both lead to and aggravate serious respiratory problems like asthma.

One good indication of a mold problem is that your symptoms will go away when you stay somewhere else for a few days but immediately pick back up when you get home.

How to be sure it’s mold

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, especially when there is no other explanation for them, you might have a mold problem. It’s important that you don’t waste any time in confirming this, as mold can grow very quickly, turning a small problem into a major one.

The best way to start is to do a basic visual inspection. Make a list of areas in your home that are exposed to constant moisture, with a special emphasis on any room in which your symptoms are especially bad. Common locations are basements, under sinks, or any location that might have had a leak.

Whether or not you find anything, you should follow this up with a professional mold inspection. The main reason for this is that a professional mold inspection uses equipment that you simply won’t have. They can, for example, check for spores in the air and use delicate instruments to check inside walls.

Get rid of it fast

If your mold inspection has turned up evidence of this dangerous material, it’s important to begin mold remediation as quickly as possible. For very small and localized areas, mold removal can be done with some basic cleaning supplies. There are a number of products designed to help kill molds of all kinds and prevent them from coming back.

If you’ve been experiencing serious negative health effects, however, you should hire a professional mold removal service. This is especially true for major infestations. Disturbing the mold will actually release spores and make the problem worse. Professional mold remediation takes this into consideration and uses a variety of equipment that will keep the air clean while eliminating every ounce of mold in your home.

Professional mold removal is also a good idea simply because many products that claim to fix mold problems don’t actually do much. Some types of mold, particularly “black mold” can be extremely dangerous and often require the use of respiratory equipment. You should not take on a mold problem without, at least, getting advice from an experienced and professional mold inspector.


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