how to pay bank of America credit card Bill Online, Payment Method


how to pay bank of america credit card Bill

Bank of America is one of the most renowned international banks. Over the period, millions of customers have become a part of its network. It offers multiple facilities to the customers. It helps maintain the customers’ liquidity through the issuance of credit cards, secured and unsecured loans.

Bank of America also educates its customers to pay off their liabilities to maintain their credit scores. With all of these facilities, Bank of America qualifies to be the most functional bank in the whole world.

When paying back credit card bills, paying them back as soon as possible is always advisable. It is also upon the bank to ease the payment process, making it easy for the customers to make their payments on time and hassle-free.

Bank of America provides numerous ways for customers to pay for their credit cards anytime and anywhere. A detailed explanation of these methods is given in the following way:

Ways of making payment for credit cards

Customers often wonder how to pay the Bank of America credit card billHowever, there is nothing to worry about. Bank of America provides five options to make payments for credit card bills, namely:

Online Banking

Online Banking is a feasible way to make payments. Bank of America allows its customers to log in to their accounts on their portal and go to the Transfers tab. The users can transfer the amount towards their credit card settlement from their savings or current account. In addition, customers can pay through any other financial instrument with the help of the optional Bill Pay service option.

ATM Credit Card Payments

There might be a situation wherein the bank server is down, and online banking facilities are currently unavailable. If you are concerned about how to pay a credit card bill with Bank of Americathen Bank of America accepts credit card payments through ATMs Credit Card Payments. Customers can simply visit any ATM of Bank of America, insert their credit cards, and select the option Make a Payment on the screen. All they need to do is enter the due amount and settle the transaction.

Pay by Phone

Bank of America has comprehensively answered how to pay statement balance Bank of AmericaThe Bank’s primary aim is to ensure the customers’ ease while making payments. Therefore, settling credit card bills over the phone is now possible. If the users choose to pay by phone, they can dial 855.891.3401 if they have a consumer card and 888.306.4949 if they have a business card.

Drop off payment

The question of how to pay Bank of America credit card online is enumerated above. But if the user fails to opt for these methods, they can easily drop at any financial center of Bank of America to make the payment. The accounts are settled instantly.

Mail payment

The users can also opt for mail delivery to pay their credit card bills. There are three addresses at which the payment can be mailed for a successful settlement.

Up-to-date payment

Bank of America

P.O. Box 15019

Wilmington, DE Delaware19850-5019

 Late Payment

Bank of America

P.O. Box 15019

Wilmington, DE Delaware19850-5019

  Overnight Delivery

Bank of America

Attn: Payment Processing


900 Samoset Drive

Newark, DE Delaware19713

Imposition of late fees

After having already discussed how to pay the Bank of America credit card billit is now essential to understand the repercussions if the payment is not made on time. The terms and conditions of the credit agreement specify the additional late fee that the Bank will impose on the amount due if not paid by the due date. This fee attaches to the due amount if it is not received by the due date. That is why paying the due amount five days before the due date is always advisable to avoid any issues.

What is the total amount due on every credit card bill?

The amount payable by the customer to the Bank after the expiry of a certain period is the total amount. This amount comprises not only the principal amount but also the estimated interest. This estimated interest can be reduced if the customers pay more than the minimum amount monthly due. The customers can also agree to pay the balance in full. This will be helpful to reduce the amount of estimated interest and hence reduce the credit card bill.

Tips to pay credit card bill

It is essential to pay the credit card bill on time. How to pay the Bank of America credit card bill is very easy. However, users can easily remember the following tips to pay the credit card bill.

  • It is always in the customer’s best interest to take one debt at a time. This means a customer shall have his liability only across one credit card to manage the debt smoothly.
  • If, by any chance, the customer carries a balance on more than one credit card, then they can focus on clearing the higher-interest debt first. If the interest rate is equal for all the debts, then always prefer paying the smallest balance.
  • It is necessary to pay more than the minimum amount monthly to reduce the estimated interest.
  • Debt management is a key to financial wellness. Customers can try to pay with cash to reduce their dependency on the credit card.


With this information, paying credit card bills on time has become very easy. This will help to increase the financial score and credibility of the customers. This will automatically boost the customers’ financial stability in the long run. The Bank of America has made it feasible for customers to pay the due amount.

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