Intuitive Password: A Modern eWallet And Online Password Manager


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The Password Problem

“The average person has to remember 56 passwords for all the services they use on the internet.”  Ok, I made that up but you probably don’t have any trouble believing or sympathizing with that statement.  Certainly it’s true that using almost anything personalized on the web requires a password, e.g. Gmail, Spotify, iTunes, bank account, work VPN, etc.  David Pogue formerly of the New York Times has written in saying that he counts 87 passwords for his online life.

Two Solutions

The proliferation of passwords has three solutions.  The first is to use the same password for all your online accounts.  This has the unpalatable effect of being highly insecure, what happens when one password is compromised by poor security on one website?  In addition, some websites ask for presence of particular combinations of upper and lower case, numbers and non alphanumerics.  Therefore the single password method is unsatisfactory for security and practicality reasons.  The second is to have crazy complex passwords but write them down somewhere on a piece of paper or in a file.  This is a little better.  A piece of paper in the drawer is not too exposed to the public.  Cyber thief hackers will have trouble penetrating the drawers of millions of people and therefore you are safe by extension.  However, this method really cries out for a software solution.

The Online Password Manager

Enter the password manager.  With a single password acting as the key to a portal or gateway, a password manager is charged with the task of remembering other passwords.  You might worry that the manager software is a security risk because someone might just look up the file where all the passwords are stored.  But most of the time a well-engineered piece of software never stores or exposes raw passwords (i.e. in its “remembered” form) but always encrypts it against a unique “salt“.   An excellent example for an online password manager is

Overcoming These Challenges With Intuitive Password

There are a few hurdles to overcome.  One is that this method needs to be portable.  Who wants to organize two manager software one at work and one at home?  The second is that we have multiple devices such as iPads and mobile phones which also needs management.  The online password manager  Intuitive Password takes care exactly of these problems. For cost conscious users the best part is that it’s a free password manager!  Intuitive Password is a highly secure option that uses powerful encryption to ensure your passwords can’t be read off by hackers using packet sniffers.  Its responsive design means that the UI usability is uniformly high on desktops, smart phones as well as tablets.  Furthermore everything is stored on an enterprise cloud-based server meaning that your passwords are accessible anywhere, anytime, and with tremendous reliability.

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