Medium And Psychic: A Lifestory


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You have heard of Sylvia Browne.  She was one of the most prolific and high-profile of mediums, popular on both television and in print.  She claimed that she had temporal clairvoyance, or ability to see into both past and future.  She is also a noted businesswoman who successfully pushed many of her books onto the best-seller lists.  Living her last days in California she passed away in San Jose, California late 2013.

Sylvia Browne had a high profile that enabled her to speak for official police cases who looked for solutions when the case seemed to grow cold.  One of the most notable examples was the discovery of Federal intern Chandra Levy whom she had predicted would be found dead specifically in Rock Creek Park, Washington DC.  Of course the confounding factor was that law enforcement had already been searching for her dead body in that area.

She was also known for high profile errors.  Several times she proclaimed on camera that a missing child was dead – yet the child would be found alive later.  She parlayed her high profile personality as a medium and author into high cost consulting fees.  People could call her hotline for advice at the very high price of $700 per call for every half hour.

But for all her faults Sylvia Browne was a major, noted public figure who was wildly successful in promoting herself and telling people the things they wanted to hear.  People who wish to have a similar experience can try obtaining psychic phone readings from Decision Decisionsand recapitulate the magic of listening to a reading.  Since we’re in the 21st century, it’s possible to do the same by email with Decision Decisions Psychic email readings.

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