mem:o Is An iPad App For Revolutionizing Personal Analytics


Interested in having a data-driven life but want beautiful graphics to present it?  This iPad program is free for download and contains two boards, using the the alternative of adding more boards via an in-program purchase.  But mem:o is  targeted at designers for presentation of data. The program stands apart because of its own streamlined functionality and also the simple-to-comprehend graphs it creates.

“With private data, you’re usually looking to pick on customes and tendencies, instead of perform sophisticated computations. Our target for mem:o was to permit an individual to readily see these types of relationships without becoming lost in extraneous sophistication,” Oh and Cho told Techcrunch.

To produce a graph, users pick a color palette from seven choices and input information.  The mem:o’s programmers trust its users will love finding surprising correlations between their private data. The program’s residence display was built to be “somewhat disorderly,” with unrelated boards juxtaposed.

The creators Oh and Cho collaborated in the look and software development of numerous large scale interactive museum exhibits. Based in New York, multidisciplinary designer and teacher Oh is the cofounder of TKOH, a studio that’s now creating a Web and tablet PC platform for recording oral histories. Young is a manager of Seoul-based studio Byul & Associates, designer and animator, including a software developer.

Oh and Cho said they wanted to make an open ended tool which could be found in other manners and had an interface design which was distinct from iOS default option. The two thought about creating a note or list-making program, but understood playing with quantitative values would give them much more layout options. Mem:o was made to break from conventional formats of visualizing information, like the aforementioned pie charts and bar graphs.

There will be an iPhone program also.

(Photo Credit: c+y/Vimeo capture)

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