Motorola Tetra Earpiece: The Quest For The Perfect Earpiece


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For many decades, Motorola MTP and MTH radios have been meeting the needs of front line personnel such fire fighters, police officers, oil rig workers, and many more. Reliable, efficient, and high quality communication devices are important for these front line service men to make smarter and safer decisions and to ensure the best possible outcomes in performing their jobs. In many instances, the right accessories, such as an earpiece, will help the radio work beyond its limits, especially when faced with tough challenges in the most difficult situations.

Importance of Motorola Tetra audio accessories

Earpieces for Motorola MTP and MTH radios are especially designed to provide dedicated solutions to enhance the radio communication capabilities. They are designed to allow the users to seamlessly connect and communicate without a glitch during any crisis, heightening the levels of public safety. With effective communication, industrial teams can respond more effectively. The reliability of the portable communication radios can make a difference between a mediocre and a successful outcome.

The earpiece is a unique way of personalizing the radio to help the users face the arduous challenges of the work environment. As every situation requires specific response, choosing the right earpiece is an effective and dedicated solution that will match various communication needs. It is an important radio accessory that will help facilitate timely and effective communication while paramedics are attending a traffic accident, as engineers are responding to an industrial emergency, or as police officers are trailing a suspect.

Choosing efficient radio earpieces

High quality Motorola Tetra earpiece is among the top choice for emergency and security services because of a number of excellent features, including:

  • Improves sound quality in windy or noisy environments through the unique wind porting and noise-reduction technology
  • Allows users to make emergency alerts when faced with difficulties
  • Designed to stay connected to the radio during extreme conditions
  • Highly-sensitive and powerful to keep communications clear and audible
  • Provides the highest levels of security

Top 5 Radio Earpiece from Motorola Tetra

The following items are five of the highly coveted radio earpieces.

1. Motorola Tetra G-Shape Earpiece for MTP and MTH Radio

This G-Shape earpiece is a practical solution for two-way radio users who want to keep private communication. It is made of a rubberized material to provide more comfort. This radio earpiece is one of the favorite accessory of police officers and other emergency services because it is designed to perform well, even in the noisiest environments. It comes with a hidden microphone at the center of the Push-to-Talk switch; hence, it can be discretely clipped to the lapel or collar.

2. Motorola Tetra D-Shape Earpiece for MTH and MTP Radio

This general purpose D-Shaped earpiece is popular among a wide range of application. It is ideal for users who are not comfortable wearing covert acoustic tube ear buds. It is most popular among doormen as it can be easily clipped to the collar or lapel, with a hidden microphone, complete with a PTT switch. This D-shape earpiece offers efficiency, reliability, and top performance even in noisy environments.

3. Covert Acoustic Tube Earpiece for Motorola Tetra MTP and MTH

This clear tube earpiece comes with built-in line microphone, making it ideal for security door supervisors, police officers, nightclub bouncers, paintball players, hotel security, and many more. This hands-free radio earpiece can be clipped onto the shirt, providing discreet and easy means of communication, whether in hospitality, retail, or security industry. It comes with a noise-reducing feature to improve sound quality, especially in a low profile environment.

4. Pro-HD Kevlar Earpiece for Motorola Tetra MTH and MTP Radio

This excellent earpiece is fitted with high quality Kevlar cabling and strain relief system, making it one of the best professional earpieces. This radio earpiece is ideal for security officers and door supervisor because it is designed to seal the ear canal, so users can freely communicate without interruption from the noise around. It also comes with a high-impact, built-in, polycarbonate microphone that provides exceptional sound quality.

5. Motorola Tetra Airwave Earpiece for MTP and MTH Radio

This earpiece is guaranteed to last because it is made from high-quality rubberized materials. It is ergonomically designed to provide comfort and convenience. This earpiece is common among doormen, security officers, and police officers because they are equipped with built-in microphone, which is designed to provide impressive performance even in the loudest environments.

Having an efficient earpiece connected to a portable radio can help users focus on the important job at hand. A lightweight radio earpiece allows users to talk freely and hear clearly even while they are working. It also offers added efficiency, comfort, and functionality in varying situations and challenges. During the toughest situations, the best possible audio quality is essential to keep communications loud and clear.

(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Motorola)

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