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Meagan Simmons shot to fame when a website wanting to capitalize on freely available mugshots posted her picture as an ad to their website on Facebook as the “captivating convict”.  In retaliation she has threatened to sue thereby meaning that a Florida girl’s mug shot could make it pretty nasty for a minumum of one web site.

Now, however, Simmons is suing a firm who she says strove to cash in on her picture, and intrude on her privacy along the way. She served up  with the suit, promising the background check web site used her picture for marketing and commercial functions without her permission.

She was arrested on DUI charges in 2010.  From there, websites spawned a meme playing on Simmons’ appearances and her status as an evident offender, which resulted in tons of iterations.  At some point, Simmons told The Huffington Post that she had even contemplate posing for an adult publication.

The suit, which seeks financial damages and an injunction to prevent additional use of her picture, maintains the exposure upset her satisfaction and intrude on Simmons’ secrecy.

It is said that the newspaper the site used his customer’s picture for financial gain, distinct  from the myriad memes made with Simmons’ face.

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