Papa Pear Saga: Getting Past The Levels


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The Papa Pear Saga game is a free and exciting pinball like mobile phone game app that you are bound to love. It is available for Android 2.2 or higher, IOS 4.3.5 or higher and on Facebook.  In fact it was developed first on Facebook where it experienced great success before being ported over to mobile devices.  The publisher of the game is the company King, which was also responsible for global phenomenon Candy Crush Saga – a hit game app that spawned half a billion downloads.  Note that this game is distinct from Papa Bear Run, a completely different game from a different company with totally different game mechanics.

The game is played by launching a papa pear from a cannon at the top of the screen at a angle and power of your choosing. The objective is to get the papa pear into five buckets lining the bottom which in higher levels have lids. You will accumulate points by bouncing the pears on multiple objects or on the buckets to open them. Objects of the same type such as carrots, acorns and onions must also be cleared. In the fruit levels, your challenge will be to bounce the fruits into the buckets. In other levels, you will be required to collect power-ups. This continues until all five lives are used up. Hitting gold coins called multipliers increased a player’s points. Clearing objects of the same type makes these multipliers appear which then have to be hit.

There over a hundred levels to adventure through with each level of various fruits and vegetables having a set goal score to beat. When you surpass this goal, you will earn yourself up to three stars which can be increased by replaying the level. The power-ups and boosters you unlock as you progress in the game will help you in the completion of a level. These can be saved up for use in the more difficult ones.  If you have trouble getting through a particular level, visit this great site about papa pear levels where you can click through each level and find a nice video walkthrough accompanied by a piece of explanatory text.

An effective strategy you can use to quickly progress through the game is by using gold bars to obtain everything from extra lives and papa pears, boosters to enable you to complete a specific level or unlock a new one.  When you run out of lives the game forces you to take a break by refilling lives only after 30 minutes.  This break increases anticipation and is thought by some to be the masterstroke that makes these games so incredibly addictive.  The kicker is that you can either buy more lives, or ask for them from your Facebook friends.  This sets up a feedback cycle whereby your friends are constantly reminded that you are playing and benefit also when you’re able to give them lives as well.  One hint from experienced players is to always accept any request before shutting down the game so friends get lives sent back to them.

Many have complained that it’s hard to figure out the scoring.  Here we provide some hints.  First shoot into a bucket to get 1000 points.  Second, a direct hit to the ceiling via a bounce from an obstacle yields 500.  Finally, onions (which are not tasty as defined by this game) need 3 bounces before leaving.  If you’re still having trouble consider learning about papa pear cheats or game hints that are as close to cheats you can get.

In conclusion, the Papa Pear Saga is a mobile app that you will find to be fun and entertaining. Try it.

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