Primark: The New Face Of Boston’s Downtown Crossing


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Recently we covered the Irish retailer Primark for their participation in the Ethical Trading Initiative program, a consortium of retailers who pledged to improve worker conditions at the factories which produced the final products carried by the stores.  Well,  it turns out that for the first time, Primark will be coming to the U.S. in 2015!

The Irish company is already highly popular among online fashion aficionados who compare it favorably to the so-called “cheap fashion” or “fast fashion” outlets like Forever 21.  The clientele is usually very young, very hip, and price conscious.  The stores are known to sell trendy fashion at very low prices.  The equivalent kind of clothing, say a patterned shirt, would retail for 3 times less at the fast fashion store compared to a brand name like Banana Republic or Abercrombie.

The first store to open in the U.S. will be in the city of Boston which has an unusually high proportion of college students to the high numbers of big and small colleges.  This is understandably a smart business move as the college students represent a slice of the young 13-25 demographic but have much more disposable income than their younger peers.  The store of course will have a web presence as it historically has attracted a large number of younger clients through the online portal.  Interested customers can use a web resource to find a primark online shop near them.

The location of the first store will be in the location occupied by the former Filene’s Basement store, which for years had faced decline before abruptly shuttering a few years ago, leaving the huge downtown space vacant.  The empty space in the area known as Downtown Crossing was thought of as a blight on the previously vibrant landscape but the new Primark plans have prompted major renovation including demolition of the current premises.

Customers who want more information before the store gets to U.S. shores are welcome to visit

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