A Survey Of Money Clips: Titanium, Carbon Fiber And More


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Survey Of Money Clips

Money clip aficionados know the reasons for getting a money clip: the wallet is bulky, full of junk despite our best intentions, and has become divorced from its central function of carrying money.   Instead of bills, it’s usually full of receipts, business cards, and scraps of paper.  All of these we feel vaguely are important, just not right now!  So we would rather stuff it in the wallet than give it immediate attention.  What are the alternatives?  We asked the experts who know about the top rated money clips to weigh in with an emphasis on minimalism, including not only money clips, but also other alternatives.

The titanium money clip certainly ranks up top amongst the most popular.  Titanium is a highly practical metal, silvery in color, low density so its light, strong, and very anti-corrosive.  Men sometimes are known to wear titanium engagement bands.  Many models, such as the Titanium Smart Money Clip, have the great feature of being endowed with both a clip on one side and a slot on the other.  The clip holds bills in place whereas the slot holds credit cards, IDs and licenses.

The plastic money holder is also very popular, and comes in two variants.  One is the traditional clip, and the other is a full case.  Because plastic holds its shape even when fairly thin, the plastic case is less bulky than a bi-fold leather wallet but overall thicker than a metal money clip.  Does it sit too stiffly in your back pocket?  Consider moving it into the front.  One big caveat is that plastic has a tendency to fracture.  Our experts tell us that we shouldn’t be surprised of experiencing cracking even a year into use.

Even if we eschew a wallet, leather remains an option in the form of a slim profile, “skinny” wallet.  Without the bifold, money and cards slide into exposed pockets.  Because the construction is so simple, it is one of the most economic choices.  A quick survey revealed that slim wallets run anywhere from $5 to $20.

The carbon fiber clip is a favorite for those interested in exotic materials.  The material is technically known as carbon-fiber reinforced thermoplastic.  It is very light and strong.  In the long term it has excellent retention of its original shape.  The tough exterior and high tensile strength means it snaps back vigorously and holds onto money and cards tightly.  In contrast metal money clips, which have higher ductility, slowly lose their shape every time the clip is pulled back.

There has been a  remarkable profusion of minimalist wallets which have garnered funding on Kickstarter.  The higher profile projects include The Ainste, Omega Titanium Wallet, and The Ridge.  Each one has the distinction of receiving more than $85,000 in funding.  It is not unsurprising to see so many wallet projects succeeding.  Part of the reason is that wallets are universally used (so the customer base is massive) but are almost universally similar leaving much room for innovation.  Most certainly the drop in price of manufacturing small batches has a positive impact on the success of wallet ideas.  Even better, many of the minimalist wallets have fairly simple construction, consisting of two stacked hard plates, joined by elastic and so are easy to design and make.

Finally let it be said that if you can’t make up your mind and you need an interim solution before taking the plunge, consider wrapping your money and cards with a rubber band, then head over to this video to learn more about the best money clips.  After the video, check in with the experts at bestmoneyclip.net.  They showcase a number of even more interesting products, including highly functional clips which double as knives and bottle openers.

(Photo Credit: Guian Bolisay / Creative Commons)

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