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We hope our website provides you with a wealth of information about issues facing the 109th Congress and that you will join our effort to reform government!

After years of partisan stalemate, Congress has a unique opportunity to start making progress on issues that are important to America’s families and employers, such as:

  • Reforming Social Security to include voluntary personal retirement accounts for younger workers;
  • Confirming judges who take a limited view of judicial power and will not legislate from the bench;
  • Overhauling the tax code to make it simplier and fairer for American taxpayers and promote job creation;
  • Ending lawsuit abuse – particularly on class-action cases, asbestos litigation and malpractice lawsuits – by creating a legal system which benefits victims instead of greedy trial lawyers.

Unfortunately, there are special interests in Washington who are more interested in fighting old battles than working for positive change.

Our goal at Progress for America is to ensure that the voices of ordinary Americans are heard. We want government officials to know there is strong support at the grassroots level for a positive issue agenda.

Join us. Together we can make real progress on issues that benefit all Americans.