You’ll Stop Going To Victoria’s Secret When You Find Out This


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Stop Going To Victoria’s Secret When You Find Out This

It’s pretty hard to avoid Victoria’s Secret.  Even for men.  Walking down a busy street or inside a large mall, you’ll come across one, or even more, Victoria’s Secret store fronts.  If you have a significant other, chances are she has bought something there, as simple as a bra.  In fact, it has become a de facto go-to place for people who need the basic necessities.  And it’s hard to put the blame anywhere because where else would you go for fashionable underwear?

Fortunately there are in fact other stores that carry intimate wear which are not Victoria’s Secret.  And we turn to these other stores mainly because sometimes we need a little change from the ordinary.  To get you started we found three of our favorite purveyors.

1.  Gap Body: Have you heard of Gap?  Then you know that their subsidiary Gap Body is an easily accessible option that carries well-made basics like bras and underwear.  They also carry particulars like sleepwear and loungewear.  The best part is that because they are backed by a big corporation they have a well-oiled, painless return process.

2.  Bare Needs: The most remarkable aspect of this ecommerce operation is the vast range of sizes of their clothing.  Bras, which are quite cheap, start off at 30A and go all the way up to 56J.  Moreover plus-sizes are available for the larger woman.

3. Designer and luxury lingerie?  Niche bridal teddies hard to find elsewhere?  At super discounted prices? If this seems appealing to you, then have a look at one of the most recent online stores that ships lingerie and underwear worldwide.

(Photo Credit: Mike Lee/Creative Commons)

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